May 28, 2020
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For any person who is strongly considering weight loss surgery there is more than one option of weight loss surgery that an individual can receive. There are some fairly significant differences between lap band surgery and gastric bypass and any person who is considering getting weight loss surgery needs to weigh the two options in order to determine which surgery option is the best for him or her and what he or she truly needs out of the surgery.

Lapband surgery is not a highly invasive surgery. There are several notable advantages that come with this weight loss surgery option. This weight loss surgery has the lowest rates of deaths occurring as a result of the surgery. There is no stomach stapling with this surgery so it is a more flexible type of surgery that is far less permanent. The band is adjustable so a person can have it adjusted by a doctor when needed. Another great thing about this surgery is that it can be reversed. A person who makes the decision to get this surgery does not necessarily need to live with it forever, as it can be undone, which is not always an option for other weight loss surgeries. Another great thing about lap band weight loss surgery is that there is the lowest risk of malnutrition stemming from this surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery, on the other hand, does have some notable disadvantages. First of all, as any person who is looking into this option should know, gastric bypass surgery just require the surgeons to cut and staple the individuals stomach. This surgery option is not able to be adjusted like the lap band surgery and is very difficult for a surgeon to reverse, so it is certainly a more permanent weight loss surgery than lap band surgery is. The act of stapling the stomach can also cause a person to not receive as many nutrients as he or she should be getting from what he or she is ingesting which could potentially lead to malnutrition issues. As the gastric bypass surgery is obviously more invasive than the lap band surgery there is also a higher incident of death occurring as a result of the surgery, not a significantly high number, but certainly a more prevalent issue than with lap band surgery.

There are certainly a lot of reasons why a person would choose lap band surgery over gastric bypass, but the ultimate decision will be a personal one which will be contingent on the severity and extremity of the persons weight loss needs.