August 6, 2020
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Weight loss stories and why I have to try various diets. Actually, before you think a medical problem, everyone wants to look slim and fashionable, because it will reflect that we are agile and healthy doing various activities. In addition we also want to look stunning with a health and beauty. This is the reason why I have to follow a weight loss program.


In the weight loss stories is the fact that when my body balanced and healthy diet is easier to achieve a healthy goal.

In this weight loss stories, make me pace with social trends and standards in our own environments and the community at large. Does not mean I have to follow the fashion trends that are just, but I hope will feel that healthy diet according to health standards.

And wellness is always associated with the health of all people. Although many problems occur because some people have a genetic predisposition in terms of fat tend descent. Of course this is another issue of weight loss stories for some people.

In this case I am trying to understand from all the articles I’ve ever read, why certain diseases associated with weight loss stories. Then I draw the conclusion that people who are overweight tend to suffer from certain diseases than others. That does not mean there is a claim if all obese people always lead to disease.

Many facts of weight loss stories, being overweight or obese can cause high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. With suffered three such circuits, someone has a high risk of heart disease. So, to the prevent heart disease, I can take a conclusion I have to lose weight. Because weight loss success stories that I read of many people, most of them have cholesterol and blood pressure is relatively stable. So this makes the quality of a healthy body.

At the beginning of my weight loss stories I just interested in an ad, that we would look beautiful with a diet pill that claims the product can reduce my weight in less than 2 weeks. With that thought I hooked a short course with the ads. Because who is not interested in a product that can reduce our weight in a very short time. It was the beginning of this stories which I have to take pills and undergo fitness training every day for the success of my diet plan.

At that time I really lost my appetite, because I consume a pill that serve to eliminate the appetite. However I do not feel my body losing energy. I drink a pill that contains a multi vitamin to support fat burning at fitness exercises times.

However this did not last long in my weight loss stories, because I do not want to depend on diet pills. Although I keep doing fitness exercise, but I still have to follow my appetite. So I stopped taking the diet pill and my body slowly started to come back a little plump.

The point in the weight loss stories is to make program my weight down a few pounds, but after I left it’s my body and then back to the old size.

The most important thing in my weight loss stories

I started to motivate myself how I should be able to lose weight. Once I implemented a diet in weight loss stories before and I must succeed with the second plan. Indeed, I should not need to hurry in this program. I need the maximum results and naturally.

I need to do learn about nutrition and how the process of burning fat of my body. I want my weight loss stories show the right things to terms of health. I am coming to a nutritionist to be ask, how a healthy diet to weight loss true in my life.