July 16, 2020
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Nowadays, women and weight loss have become an important issue in this modern world. Most of them find themselves in this difficult situation. They have to look after their family, kids and career and this does not give them any free time to take care about themselves not mention that there is no spare time for fitness and exercise. And then, after a few years they suddenly realize that overweight is the result. They wonder when did all this weight pile up? Are you one of those very busy women with a hectic schedule that makes it difficult for you to get to the gym or even workout at home? Do not despair if your day is full of work and family, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

It is possible to cut down those unwanted pounds without allotting separate time for exercise. It doesn’t matter what type of busy lifestyle you have, whether you are working long hours or have to spend all your day looking after your family. There are a number of weight loss tips that can help you get through this daunting and difficult situation. Just incorporate some changes in the current format of your daily routine.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is easy to do for some of people but hard for the others. ?

We are fasting all night long during sleep for hours. Breakfast is an important meal that we need to refuel the body. But, most of busy women skip breakfast because they do not have enough time in the morning to sit down and eat. A busy woman needs a lot of energy to be able to do all of her task. By skipping breakfast will slow down your metabolism and make you less efficient during your important meetings or presentations. Furthermore, it is proven that people who do not eat breakfast, will consume more calories and tend to eat unhealthy stuff later on during the day. Just try to get up early enough to eat breakfast at home. Try nutritious and convenient options like an oatmeal topped with almonds and dried berries or fruit smoothie made with low-fat yogurt. As muscles need protein and cannot function properly without it, women, who attempt to lose fat and / or tone up their muscles, will get the best results when consume an ample amount of protein with breakfast. Even something as simple as a low-fat cheese stick or a handful of whole wheat crackers can help keep you full and energized until lunchtime.

Drink Plenty of Water

Most of busy women tend to forget to drink water. As we know that water plays an important role for life and keep us hydrated. According to experts, drinking plenty of water also can help you to lose weight as water helps in digestion and flushing out of toxins from the body. Aim to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and drink it slowly (don?t gulp).? Keep a bottle of water next to you always while working and you can try flavoring your water with khus (vetiver) ?or rose or even a dash of lime, this will give a cooling and relaxing effect.

Be More Active

Many busy women have no time for doing exercise. Well, if you really can’t squeeze in some exercise in your schedule,? just finding another ways to do exercise into your everyday routine, such as :

If you go to office by public transport, get down one block before your destination and go there on foot.

Taking the stairs instead of lift or elevator. It is not only a good workout for your lower body but also burns calories.

Get up from your chair and walk to the desk of your colleague to give a message instead of calling or texting them.

Try to walk around your office after lunch break might be good idea.

Avoid High Fat and Sugar Snacks

While completing your work at night, it is a common that you feel hungry and need some snack to accompany. You might be looking for some foods from the refrigerator or pantry. Therefore, do not fill your refrigerator with potato chips, instant noodles, cake or cookies, peanut skins or soft drinks. But, replace it with fruits, salads, brown bread, and mineral water.

Juice to Help Revitalize

Drinking a glass of lukewarm lemon juice or tomato juice may help you to get an undisturbed sleep. A good quality of sleep will revitalize you and make you to get more active to face the world on the next day. This will also reduce your stress levels.